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This is a two-part demo of the Unity designed game Blacksmith, completed for my Portfolio VI course of my Full Sail Bachelor’s Degree. Part one is the Cinematic, where I had to do all Sound Editing, ADR, Foley, and the Final Mixing. Part two is the Gameplay where I had to do all Audio Asset Design, Foley, Dialogue, and Audio Implementation. This project was great fun to work on and I really enjoyed the Weapon Design aspect.

This project required all the different aspects of sound design to be created and mixed for the game Underworld. The character moves around in an dark underworld cave system, looking for crystals etc. Each scene needed a different ambience, according to the size and the contents of the room. I created many of the ambiences and stingers by recording basic kitchen appliances and A/C sounds, layering with various synth textures and then processing in the DAW with EQ and Reverb. It is amazing how you can turn a refrigerator drawer sound into booming distant thunder FX just by slowing it down and adding the appropriate reverb…

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