Portfolio IV

Tall Heights – Spirit Gold – Lee Coombs Remix

Original Preview Clip

I selected this song to remix because I wanted to do something different to the normal 4/4 time signature that I tend to stick with. I liked the challenge of writing drums to a live and acoustic song. It didn’t come without its timing problems but I think I created a natural sounding remix that flows with the original song form.

Remix Versions

The chords were pretty much set in stone as I would have had to remove all the elements to change any of them. There is also a lot going on in the original version. Even though it doesn’t have any percussion, there are live instruments which change constantly throughout the song. I had to decide what was going to stay, and what I could actually add to enhance the song. I removed the Guitar tracks and most of the Cello tracks so that it made room for my new sounds.

I wanted to add some electronic elements so I created a bass sound on the SH-101, and also used a Juno Pad from Omnisphere. Then I had an idea to create an arp using the chords that I mapped out of the song. The SH-101 was perfect for this job and sits nicely in the mix. Finally my live elements were recorded claps and a shaker to finish of the Logic Drummer kit that I programmed for version 1.

My third mix is called the Ambient Remix. I liked the original acoustic version of the song and thought that the elements that I created would also work very well without any percussion. It kind of feels more epic as the sounds have more space to breath. When the SH-101 bassline comes in it has a big impact on the feel of the song and really lifts it up.