Film and Video Compositions

I have been writing a huge amount of music lately, really trying to capture the moods and atmospherics needed for film and video. If you have a specific need don’t hesitate to get in touch here –

Lee Coombs composes music for ‘Misconduct’ movie starring Al Pacino and Anthony Hopkins.

This scene needed a dark and underground Techno feel, the music needed to be written to picture and sound like a real DJ was in the mix. I am very proud to have been part of this amazing production!


Lee Coombs composes the Music for Absolut Vodka’s ‘Absolut Blank’ Behind the scenes’ film

This project needed a soundtrack that captured the energy and vibe of the amazing artwork that Absolut created for their ‘Absolut Blank’ campaign.

Critically acclaimed and released with great success this is a job we are very proud of.

Absolut Vodka ‘Absolut Night’ Brazil TV Campaign featuring music by Lee Coombs

Absolut Vodka came to Lee Coombs as they needed an exciting and interesting piece of music to fit their Brazilian TV campaign.

Lee Coombs composes music score for the new Grants to Artists film by Black Rock Arts Foundation

Another great collaboration with Warren Trezevant and Lee Coombs as they create the new Grants to Artists film.

Lee Coombs composes the Music for Peter Hudson’s ‘Charon’ Animated Progression film

The brief was to create the music for a step time animation film by Warren Trezevant (Pixar), he wanted to show the progression of the construction process of ‘Charon’ from inception right through to the final build at Burning Man 2011. The music needed to be very dark and atmospheric to give the mood of the piece, also it needed very powerful sounding drums which syncopated with the moving images and build in energy. Charon is a very impressive art installation and is very inspiring to look at, the music needed to give that feeling of huge power, dark atmospheres and also be thought provoking.

Absolut Vodka ‘Absolut Blank’ TV commercial featuring Octopus Project Fugeofat ‘Lee Coombs’ Remix

Absolut needed a more electronic version of their ‘Absolut Blank’ TV commercial as a backup in case some territories didn’t like the more Rock orientated original version.

Lee Coombs – ‘Fallout’ track featured in Peter Hudson’s ‘Charon’ promo video

Peter Hudson needed some music to promo his amazing new art installation ‘Charon’ for 2012 Burning Man. There’s even a small cameo role in the video for Lee Coombs

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